E-commerce Design - A Concept Project

Our Goal

Our goal was to build a quick and easy way for customers to buy online products with the option for online pick up and local delivery.

Site requirements to begin the build out

  • Clear path for locating specific products
  • Create single pages for each product
  • Make it easy to purchase products from start to finish
  • Allow for the filtering and sorting of products on category pages
  • Easy way to contact the business

First step – Competitive Analysis

To learn what other locally based hardware stores offer for online sales through different website features and online check out methods.

Design Brief

Research and design to create a digital prototype to illustrate an online shopping experience for a local hardware store — this project was completed in a 2 week sprint.

The shop owner wanted to keep the integrity of the history of the community, serving local residents and local businesses for over 100 years.

Business Goal

Reach a new market of people outside those that visit the brick and mortar business. Their priority is to sell specialized parts for power equipment while maintaining reasonable pricing, keeping the feel of the store local, and maintain brand image.

Sorting Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis
What Next? –

Research Study – Interviews:

  1. Ray: 42 year old male carpenter who buys locally and online.
  2. Lacey: 40 year old female, single Mom who occasionally shops locally for for lawn & garden, household cleaning and picture hanging.
  3. Steve: 58 year old male potter shops locally and online for hardware several times a month.
  4. Sarah: 57 years old female, content strategist who purchases locally and online a few times a year.
  5. James: 25 year old male student and shops locally and typically a few times a month.
  6. Susan: 68 year old female, business owner who shops locally rather than online.
Affinity Mapping –

Results from interview pull quotes

We learned that people:

  1. Shop online often for hardware supplies
  2. Shop online at Home Depot, Lowes & Amazon
  3. Research before buying
  4. Sometimes need assistance with products
  5. Want in-store pick up (2 hours)
  6. Want a local delivery option
  7. Price check

Problem Statement

Busy working professionals need an easy, time effective way to purchase products online from the Milton Village Hardware store.

Solution Statement

We will find this to be true when we deliver a quick and easy way for customers to purchase hardware supplies online from the Milton Village Hardware store with the ability to have their package delivered locally or held for an in store pick up to increase their sales revenue.

Information Architecture –

I began researching usability, and card sorting to establish the most popular items and categories. We needed to identify what people would name specific products and categories who regularly shop for hardware supplies.

Learned how 100 products were categorized

  1. Initially Lawn Care changed to Garden
  2. Initially a category for arborists
Conducted 4 open sorts
Closed Sort –

Placement matrix to distinguish categories

  • Learned that 40% put STIHL hand saw under tools and 40% expected it under hand tools, the remaining 20% we put it under garden supplies. We put it under hand tools.
  • 40% put flex brush under paint supplies, 40% put it under Plumbing, 20% put it under tools. We put it under plumbing.
  • 40% put LED flood light under safety equipment, 40% put it under electrical, 20% put it under tools.  We put it under electrical.
Sketching –

After user feedback and several iterations of sketches I was able to prioritize areas for improvement on the homepage and check out process.

User flow –

A user flow gave me a clear direction to begin building out mid-fidelity wireframes.

Sitemap –
Mid-Fidelity Wireframes – Final Design
Future Steps & Reflections –

Future changes for the site would include:

  • Build out a price check option
  • Create a way for people to schedule a service or repair
  • Add Online equipment rentals
  • Develop Chat Bot
  • Provide Local delivery option through Uber delivers

This case study shows a rough overview of the steps I took to conduct research, and design an e-commerce layout that meets users needs and business goals.

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